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Welcome to Touching Body N Soul...

My name is Ellany and I have been given an unusual gift of being able to sense a personís physical and energetic state and to modify or correct imbalances. I also affect the soul development by raising the clientís vibration to new heights. Your vibration is your energetic signature of who you are. It is in every atom of your being and also extends out in the form of an aura around your physical form. It is also part of every thought you have and every thing that you do. When you think a positive or negative thought it has your energy signature. When you speak a word to a friend or foe, they feel your energetic vibration. When you knit someone a sweater, draw a picture, write a story or build a birdhouse, it carries your unique vibration. In order to have a positive effect on our world, we need to concern ourselves with what kind of vibration we are emanating.  Raising the vibration ultimately leads to improved health of both body and soul.

Much can be revealed about a personís energy state through their aura. Some individuals have the ability to see auras but most of us need the advances of modern technology to view their energy field. This is done through an Aura Camera. It perceives the colors and vibrancy or your aura and much can be learned through them.

See the Healing Hands photo below:

Before Healing    

After Healing

In the photo to the left, I am in my normal state with little energy coming through.

Before doing healing work, notice the hands have no energy coming off them.


In the picture to the right, you can see the red creative energy that is so effective when I do a healing. This is as amazing to me as it is to people who experience it!    

During healing work, hand displays creative heat used during healing.

(Click the image to view it larger)

(Click the image to view it larger)

See an example of a person actually receiving a healing and its affect on their energy field, Body Ďní Soul Healing. The client is hooked up to the aura camera and you see her lovely aura in the first picture. This person had a soft, spiritual energy as evidenced by all the purple in her aura. In the second picture, I am doing a healing and hearing test on the client. Notice the beautiful white light where my head and left hand is. The healing energy has filled my entire body and is being transferred into the client.

Ellany is a channel for this healing energy. The energy which comes through is perfectly tailored for each individual and they receive exactly what they are ready and able to receive. Many report miraculous healings; tumors may disappear or change from cancerous to non-cancerous, pain is reduced or eliminated, addictions melt away and a new sense of well being and peace in their soul.

Ellany works with both your Alternative and Medical doctors. Energy work is not a substitute for good medical care but will enhance your general well-being and facilitate your self healing.

Touching Body N Soul
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